We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes need to be scheduled first-come first-served. Arrive 10 min early, we start on time!



Move with a purpose, get strong, focus on the quality of every repetition. Build muscle. Build resilience. Build fortitude!


When you have that extra little edge of competitiveness in your blood. High level program designed to get you 1% better every single day. Driven athletes desired!


Tempo Runs, tempo rows, tempo skis, tempo dynas, agility, sled and sport specific drills!

Speed, acceleration and multi-plane movements all combined to build condition, burns and helps you move better, faster and longer!


Designed to help improve build and strong foundation of technique, explosive power, efficiency and coordination with your body and our tools!



Learn the perfect technique on the basics movement with bell. Get comfortable with this bad boys!

REPAIR (mobility)

Movement therapy program designed to correct imbalances, prevent injury and enhance performance. Created for athletes looking for the unfair advantage that mobility provides, REPAIR combines restorative stretching, soft-tissue release and physical therapy tools in order to stop injury before it starts!


8am –10 am


Work off that Friday night beer, that Saturday brunch or train for an obstacle course race!


In this advanced series you’ll determine your weight class and learn how to properly do some cool movements and play with our big bells :).


Rowing/Skiing Fundamentals

For adult beginners and intermediates alike, this class will teach you the basics of rowing and help you build the strength, stamina and endurance.


60+ Strength and Conditioning Class

A class for Baby Boomers who want to maintain their activity, vitality, and independence until their last breath. We’ve thrown out the old adage of light weights, high reps and sitting in a chair while hitting balloons or clapping your hands to Big Band tunes. Instead, we’ve developed a program that helps ensure you maintain your freedom and self-suffiency.  Through the use of functional strength and conditioning, these classes will ensure you’re able to get those groceries into the house, pick up that crying grandchild, put your garbage out and even walk that rambunctious dog.


The private:

Looking for something harder or that extra edge on your training. Join this class, (if you have what it takes) odd hours, with different workouts (kinda like an open gym with a REAL edgy workout plan 6-12 week programs.)

Young Athletes

Looking for that extra edge for your kiddo? Tired of your kid getting injured again and again?

Bring them in, our plan, strength development, increase power output, balance their bodies, flexibility with mobility, speed and body control!

Consistency brings results FYI!